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We don't just talk a good story, we SHOW YOU.

There are Two Areas you MUST Master to succeed in todays business world. Video Marketing and GeoTargeted Engagement. You already know about going mobile, that's old news. What's important are the Google Rules of Engagement seen just above.

It's such a big deal that Google has already started to De-List the offenders.
Sites that are not Properly mobile friendly and cross device compatible with no video on the landing page are now being Delisted by Google!

Example, do you realize you can do just about everything you are seeing here all on your own without a webmaster?

Why an Attention Grabbing Video?
Because the average Attention Span is now worse than that of a Goldfish.

Microsoft did a study and published it in Time Magazine.  See the reprint.


Video is KING

Here are just a Few of the Statistics.


Online Video now delivers about 85% of All Online Traffic.

Viewing Time

Today...people spend on average 6x more time on pages with video than those without.


60% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next few months.

Online Viewing

Among Millennials, YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video viewing across all devices.
And 8 out of 10, 18 to 49 year olds watch YouTube in an average month.

  • Almost 60% of internet users look for videos related to a product before visiting a store.ThinkWithGoogle
  • Online Shippers who view demo videos are 4x more likely to purchase the product than non-vieweres.DMB Adobe
  • Including a Demo Video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.
  • 80% of Executives agree that if both text+image and video are presented on the same topic visitors are more likely to choose Video.

Business Owners are At A Crossroads.

We have Numerous Tools to Help.

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It's All about Customer Engagement!

Business Success in the 21st Century is about the Customer Experience.
The business owner who understands this remains in business.

Here are just a FEW of our Exclusive Tools.


Heard about the Latest Geo-Fencing and Beacon Technology?
The Mobile Device makes it possible for you to Engage your Customer like never before and have your message pop up on their Smart Phone when the get Near your Business.

Loyal Customers will Make or Break ANY business. Now it's possible for your to Lock in those customers with a system where you can start out for FREE, and it works right on their Smart Phone.
It's the Next Generation in Customer Loyalty because it's with customers in Every Business, right on their phone.

The Paid versions are incredibly powerful and put your business growth on Auto-Pilot and also include some Very Powerful Analytics.

Facebook is the largest Social Medium on the Planet.
While others are trying to figure out how to capitalize on it's power we give you the tools to manage it.

Let's face it, offering Free Wifi to your customers is a necessary evil but it does Very Little for your bottom line.
What if you could move that Free Wifi from the Expense side of your balance sheet to the Revenue Side?

It's not just about giving away the store, it's about doing something special for a prospect to capture them and turn them into a Raving Fan, and also about rewarding loyal customers to keep them coming back.

Folks, it's about the Numbers...How many folks can you do business with today and what will it take to do that?

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The Evolution of Apps. This Drag-n-Drop technology lets you do everything you need for an incredible customer online experience, all For FREE. No Webmaster Needed.
The sites you see were all created using this technology and we can help you get going For FREE.

See >> AppVOLV, the Evolution of Apps.